Minimally Invasive, No Scalpel Vasectomy in Utah

Ogden Clinic is proud to offer no scalpel vasectomy throughout Northern Utah at our Ogden location. See why over 500,000 men in the United States choose a vasectomy procedure every year.

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Vasectomy vs. Birth Control


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Fatherhood is a lifelong commitment that changes a man’s life forever. Whether you don’t see kids in your future or have had enough children, vasectomy is among the most effective birth control options available. Distinguished Urologists at Ogden Clinic are proud to offer leading-edge robotic technology to perform no scalpel vasectomies that are much less invasive. We perform minimally invasive vasectomies in our Ogden location, helping men all over U. Only a couple small incisions are needed, which makes for less discomfort and rapid recovery. There is barely any down-time at all!

What to Expect for a Vasectomy: Preparation, Procedure and Recovery.