If you get your vasectomy on a Friday, you can expect to be back to work by Monday. You may experience some discomfort or swelling in the scrotum. You may also have some bruising or a small amount of bleeding from the incisions.

You should expect to be off your feet for 1-2 days following the procedure. Ice packs and
anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medication will relieve minor discomfort.


Even though a vasectomy will make you sterile, it will not affect your ability to have and enjoy sex. You will still climax and ejaculate as normal. The only difference in sex after a vasectomy will be that the seminal fluid will not contain sperm and you won’t have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy. Most couples report improvement in their sex life after a vasectomy.

Generally, men notice no changes in the ejaculate or in the testes or scrotum. Ogden Clinic patients do not experience changes in erections or sex drive and performance. A man's hormones are also unaffected following a vasectomy. 


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